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Children and teens often respond well to chiropractic care. We treat the following and much more:

  • video or online gaming
  • sports injuries
  • behavioral issues

Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help kids and teens deal better with the stresses of growing up.

Younger kids may need help with gaining bladder or bowel control.  In situations of physical or emotional stress, kids might have a setback in the progress they have made and need mild spinal adjustments to regain control.

Many kids and teens suffer from headaches related to gaming as well as spine, knee and ankle problems related to sports. Migraines have become more common due to many hours spent staring at a gaming screen. Parents notice the slouching head posture. The headaches that come from so many hours of gaming are not a part of growing up. Here at this office we can give kids the relief they look forward to.

Many kids and teens have sports injuries that are easily resolved with treatment.  Untreated, a sports injury can end a child’s participation in a sport that they excel at.  When an injury does not heal properly, it can affect a child’s performance for years to come.

For a consultation or to ask a question give us a call at (510) 524-2222 or send us an email.