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I first encountered Dr. A after a car accident left me feeling crooked and I tried many, many things before coming here- acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, orthopedic surgeons and 2 other chiropractors.  Nothing helped at all.  Turns out I need “gentle” care and Dr. A can accommodate that.

Neck, shoulder, upper back, ankle sprain, knee, dislocated fibula (ouch!) carpal tunnel, headaches, GERD- those are the things with which he’s helped me  (over 16-17 years as I hope I’m not a complete wreck!).  Regular adjustments and some minor diet changes have kept the acid reflux away almost entirely for 6 years!  For that alone I’m so grateful to Dr. A.  Plus which, he’s just a nice guy. AND the office is pretty scent-free which helps with the headaches. If you tell him, he’ll schedule you away from the scented people.  Nice.

—Karen K., Berkeley, CA

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Ammirati since 1992, and he is THE BEST!  Actually, he does such good work that I personally see him very rarely, but I have sent nearly a dozen friends to him over the years and they were all amazed at the results.  What can I say?  He has magic hands!  

A friend whom I sent to Dr. Ammirati recently wrote me: “No wonder you rave about him.  He’s already made a huge difference.  Many thanks for rescuing me.”

When you visit a chiropractor, you want someone *experienced*, and Dr. Ammirati has been healing bodies for 27 or 28 years now.  Amazingly, as terrific as he was 20 years ago, he’s even better today.  

Moreover, “Dr. Rob” takes a holistic approach.  He’s helped me (and others) to lose weight, and he introduced me to the tiny, foldable “nada chair” — essential for pain-free sitting when your back is in spasm. 

Finally, he keeps his prices fairly reasonable and he reaches out to the community.  Seek no further for chiropractic care than the foot of Solano Avenue!

—Laura M.,Berkeley  CA

In pain? For me it’s been chronic.  For 23 years. 

More than 2 decades ago I injured myself swimming (butterfly stroke eventually breaks your wings). I went to 4 different chiropractors , all highly recommended, but…only able to give temporary relief.   The 4th one I saw weekly for 18 years, but my shoulders were  never more than 2 days pain free.

Then, we moved to California and  I was concerned about finding a chiropractor here who could give me at least the minimum level of relief I had back in Austin.

A  friend took me to Dr. Rob Ammirati.  Thank goodness.

After only 8 months, today I have a range of motion I didn’t think I’d ever see again..  I’m  pain-FREE for at least 4 days weekly, that’s twice as many days as before (and my sleep is the best ever).

If you’ve been hurting for awhile, it’s going to take time to put your body right.  Rob will explore what works best with you overall & on any given day.  He might do classic manipulation one day, another visit he might use the ultra-sound, another time he might bring out the special hot packs followed by a spot massage or a combination of  these and other approaches.  

Apart from his expertise as a chiropractor (and his all ’round good heart) Rob has an engaging personality.   He’s well-read with interests in music, photography, film, art as well as nutrition, exercise, good food, and so on.   You’re gonna have all sorts of interesting conversations. Yet, since he also meditates, Rob’s comfortable with being silent too.

Before you go for surgery or resign yourself to live in hurt, please check out Dr. Rob Ammirati. 

(NOTE:  You’ll get 90 minutes of free parking on just about any street in Albany— plenty of time for your treatment & then a walk up & down Solano in the heart of this quaint “town”. )

—Liz C.,Berkeley, CA

I saw Dr. Ammirati today for the first time and was very impressed. He spent about an hour and a half with me and really knows what he is doing. The treatment is perceptive, responsive, respectful, subtle, and deep. I have had persistent headaches and neck pain for as long as I can remember and now I have hope of truly feeling better.

—Shayna G., Alameda, CA

Search no further in your quest to find the best chiropractor in the area!

Dr. Ammirati is exceptional.  I have sent 5 friends to him, and they have all been amazed at the difference his adjustments have made.  

Moreover, he’s very pleasant to be around, and very flexible in his scheduling.  Dr. Ammirati has been doing this for a while, and he just seems to get better over time!

—Laura R., Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ammirati is a phenomenal chiropractor. I suffered from migraines for years, visited many other chiropractors who helped lessen the frequency of migraines, but only Dr. Ammirati has ‘cured’ me. I have gone from having migraines once or twice a month to now not having one at all in a full year!

—Tim C.,Berkeley, CA

So many chiropractors…how to choose?  I got lucky when a massage therapist referred me to Dr. Rob Ammirati.  I’ve been seeing him for a decade for the various aches and pains that come with age and trauma, and darned if he doesn’t figure out how to fix all of them!  The latest is a tricky knee that has begun to obey me again with a little coaxing from Dr. Ammirati.  He’s a truly nice guy, has a cool rotating collection of art books and pictures in the waiting room, abundant close parking.  He hangs a full skeleton out front whenever he’s in the office, which makes him easy to find!

 —Linda L., Berkeley, CA

Dr. Ammirati gives the kind of care and attention that’s difficult to find. He’s interested in finding out what’s actually wrong with you and fixing it, as soon as possible. 

My lower back and knee issues used to make walking up and down stairs to work difficult; after seeing Dr. Ammirati only a few times I was able to walk stairs with ease. I feel myself improving with each visit.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ammirati to anyone looking for a chiropractor who is interested in helping you live better.

 —Julian A.,El Cerrito, CA